Useful Crochet Gift

I’ve just finished crocheting these cute little dishcloths and scrubbies as a gift for my grandma who has gone all modern in her kitchen with gorgeous, bright red colour accents with a new kettle and toaster, etc.
She’s not really able to crochet now due to failing eyesight mostly, but she’s delighted that I’ve taken it up.
I just know she’ll love and use these simple made-with-love gifts and am going to pop to the post office before it closes for the weekend so she has them on Monday.

I followed two free Ravalry patterns by Bearsycat: Scrubbie Dots and Simple Stripes Dishcloth. I love the stitches on the dishcloth and both designs worked up quite quickly, for a newbie like me.
Ravalry is just one of many wonderful free crochet resources I’ve been enjoying since I took up hooking. I’ll try to put a post together tomorrow with a little list of my favourites.