Fad History

My previous fads have included:

  • Making jewellery (I even had an exhibition in the local library and sold some jewellery, but another fad took over)
  • Cycling to work and for fun (see running below)
  • Website design (this is also my career, but may be one of my longer term fads)
  • Veganism (as a life-long ovo-lacto vegetarian this was a bit hard core for me, but my cow-guilt will probably push me back to veganism when I’ve eaten as much cheese and chocolate as I can endure)
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (£1500 and three months in Barcelona later, I realised this wasn’t the career for me, but I did LOVE Barcelona)
  • Motorcycling (inspired by a travel book by Tim Moore, I bought a scooter, which I still have, I also got my CBT, which has now expired – riding a bike with gears is waaay to much hard work)
  • Running/weight lifting (I love it, but I find if too easy to make excuses as to why I can’t do it, this one’s going to have a comeback, maybe when the weather’s better)
  • Art class (drawing classes with my grandma were really great, but this passion only lasted as long as the ten week course)
  • Bellydance (I was getting quite good at this, I think, and did a few shows including an impromptu performance at a hotel in Egypt – long story – but it slipped away as my fads tend to when I was distracted by a shiny new fad)
  • Yoga (another one I loved and told everyone they should do, but the usual excuses, excuses prevent me from continuing this fad)
  • Dog training classes (my dog pooped in the church hall and took a dislike to a spaniel, so we didn’t finish the course, I have continued this thanks to my hero, cesar millan, or maybe that’s a fad too?)

That’s all I could think of, but OH has just reminded me about these forgotten fads:

  • Greenhouse/green fingers (i am not naturally blessed with green fingers, I am also not blessed with patience, so thanks for the tomatoes, but I’ll buy mine at ASDA)
  • Guitar (I have an accoustic, a pink semi accoustic and a gorgeous turquoise electic guitar and amp. The strings hurt my fingers so this fad only lasted as long as it took for the callouses on my fingertips to form)
  • Strawberry laces at bedtime (I know, eugh)
  • Sims (is there a sadder way to waste hours of your life? I think not)
  • Swimming (I am not aquatically-blessed , but I did master the little-known art of the underwater disco)
  • Drinking water (I still drink lots and lots of water, but now it’s mixed with a spoonfull of coffee, elixir of the geeks)
  • The Monk who sold his Porsche (getting up early, meditation, visualisation; all very well and good, but I just didn’t sustain it)
  • The Secret (nice while it lasted, but seems a bit fooey and trite now that I look back at this particular fad)
  • Not smoking (lasted for three years, brought to an abrupt halt in barcelona, see Teaching English as a Foreign Language above)

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