Clear Out

This afternoon I am mostly doing a job I’ve been putting off for aaaages; the big clothing clear out.
I have so many old clothes, inherited clothes, donated clothes, etc. that I really need to make some space and declutter or I will lose it!
I’m working through each bag or pile or wardrobe with 3 sorting bags: bin, keep/upcycle and unwanted.

The contents of the unwanted bag(s) will be car booted (my first ever – I’m so excited and nervous!), along with a load of bags and shoes that I don’t use/wear. Anything that doesn’t sell at the car boot will go to charity. That seems fair, right?
This is a thankless and tedious task, especially when I have my new, half-finished gathered skirt to complete, but I promised myself I would do this today, so here I am.
On a positive note I’m thoroughly loving the Brandon Flowers Crossfire album while I sort clothes. Fun.
And it could be worse, I could be stuck in an office working today! Which is exactly what I’ll be doing tomorrow and Wednesday. Bleh.
How often do you sort clothes and declutter wardrobes? Any car boot tips for a newbie?
…later that day.
OK, it took me until half four (apart from a little break to have a chat with mum who called me mid-sort), and I definitely feel like I kicked some wardrobe-mess ass, yeehar!
I put a big bag into the bin, after poaching useful things like zips and handbag handles, plus I have a bog bag of pure fabric that’ll go into the recycling bin at asda.
I now have 5 bin bags of clothes, bags and shoes, plus a suit carrier full of smart trousers, skirts and jackets all set for car booting.
Oh, and I discovered that I have about 16 sets of pjs. Any need?!


Peppers, Ikea & Changing Rooms

This is going to be a mixed bag of a post; firstly, the exciting news – my peppers are growing to gargantuan proportions:

Ok, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but they are now both the size of a swollen olive. Mmm, olives…
In other news, this little beauty plopped onto my doormat yesterday morning:

Which reminds me, I want to go and buy the entire catalogue this afternoon. Which reminds me, marketers are very, very good at their job. I do not need any household items, I’ve had my own home since I was 19, so have managed to accumulate pretty much all the furniture, equipment, tools and drapery that are required to live in a comfortable and contemporary way. This fact does not, unfortunately, make me immune to the beautiful photography, snappy taglines and general temptation of the Ikea catalogue. Damn you marketing executives…
I will resist though; there are far more enjoyable things I can do with my time than shop.
For example, changing the lounge furniture around while hubby’s at work. Yes, that’ll be a lovely surprise for him, I’m sure he will be thrilled to suddenly bang his shin as he tries to watch TV this evening.
I think the problem is that our two sofas are too big to have any real flexibility in layout, hmmm, perhaps I could saw one in half?
Maybe not, hubby would like that about as much as when he came home to find every carpet in the house on the front garden. I had decided that stripped floorboards was the way to go, but somehow forgot to mention this to hubs in my excitement.
Baaad fadgirl.

Wonderful Wedding

Further to Saturday’s quick craft flower blinging post, I totally forgot to get a picture of my full outfit with flower, but I think hubby may have one of me to share later.
I do have a quick pic of the happy couple to share; it was a lovely civil ceremony and the bride’s son was involved in it making a pledge to help in building a strong family together, which I thought was so sweet and thoughtful. The sun blessed us with it’s presence so the wedding took place outside, hence I was easily able to blame my ‘watering eyes’ on the bright light. Ahem.
It was great to catch up with friends we haven’t seen for a while, many of them we’ve known for (omg!) 20 years. Gulp, making me feel old now…
But enough of that, here’s a pic of the beautiful bride Nikki and her proud new husband Martin (best man at our wedding in Vegas about 6 years ago and thoroughly bloody lovely chap):

Gotta love the Instagram App, right?!