Quick Pepper Update

No doubt you’re literally exploding with the need to know how my peppers are doing?
Yes, I thought so.
Well as you asked so nicely I’ll give you a peek:

Oh, hang on, is it a bit sad that I actually went into the lounge to get my little ruler thingy to use in that photo?
Never mind, it’s not a popularity contest (no, it’s a pepper growing contest!).
So, they’re rather lovely and shiny, a beautiful deep green colour and pleasingly cool and firm to the touch. Crikey, I’ve come over all Nigella. Don’t worry, I’m not flashing ample cleavage or licking my fingers unnecessarily.
Now, the question is, how will I know when they’re big enough or just plain ready to pick and eat? Any ideas from the more green-fingered amongst you?
In further pepper news, my fabby next door neighbour/friend/sewing buddy has just given me another 3 or 4 pepper plants to love and cherish! It’s a whole nursery of green pepper plants on my kitchen window.
They weren’t growing so well in her kitchen so I’ve adopted them and, even though the new fellas have only been here about 4 or 5 days, they’re looking really cheerful and growing well, so I think I am some sort of pepper plant mystical healer, or something.
Also, the sun hits my kitchen window from late morning onwards, so that might be a more logical explanation. Perhaps.
Here are the babies:

Little cuties!
I’ll apologise in advance as I’m probably going to do a big blob of posts as I’ve been away and have lovely pics to share, self stitched skirtember updates and cute crochet things to blog about!


Peppers, Ikea & Changing Rooms

This is going to be a mixed bag of a post; firstly, the exciting news – my peppers are growing to gargantuan proportions:

Ok, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but they are now both the size of a swollen olive. Mmm, olives…
In other news, this little beauty plopped onto my doormat yesterday morning:

Which reminds me, I want to go and buy the entire catalogue this afternoon. Which reminds me, marketers are very, very good at their job. I do not need any household items, I’ve had my own home since I was 19, so have managed to accumulate pretty much all the furniture, equipment, tools and drapery that are required to live in a comfortable and contemporary way. This fact does not, unfortunately, make me immune to the beautiful photography, snappy taglines and general temptation of the Ikea catalogue. Damn you marketing executives…
I will resist though; there are far more enjoyable things I can do with my time than shop.
For example, changing the lounge furniture around while hubby’s at work. Yes, that’ll be a lovely surprise for him, I’m sure he will be thrilled to suddenly bang his shin as he tries to watch TV this evening.
I think the problem is that our two sofas are too big to have any real flexibility in layout, hmmm, perhaps I could saw one in half?
Maybe not, hubby would like that about as much as when he came home to find every carpet in the house on the front garden. I had decided that stripped floorboards was the way to go, but somehow forgot to mention this to hubs in my excitement.
Baaad fadgirl.

Pepper Passion

I had a short-lived fad a couple of years ago where hubs and I bought seeds and mini greenhouses and all kinds of paraphernalia to get into the green-fingered good life that is Growing your Own, but I was working really long hours, didn’t know what I was doing, planted the wrong things at the wrong time, etc, etc, so while we did get a few tiny spring onions and lots of tomatoes from our investment, we weren’t sufficiently motivated to continue with it.
However, my fads do tend to have something of a cyclical nature I’ve noticed, and now that I’m part-time, I’m able to enjoy slower (better!) living, which, of course, includes growing…
So, my lovely Mum gave me a pepper plant, just a little scrap of a seedling it was, and it is now huge! It really likes the kitchen window ledge, along with the basil, rocket, chives, lavender and morning glory I’m growing there.

I love having that little wall of green in front of the kitchen sink, it’s a little bit of nature and I’m so enjoying watching it all explode into life (some grown from seed).
Imagine my pants-wetting excitement when I spotted two naughty little green nuggets of peppery goodness bulging out from what were, yesterday morning, little white flowers!

Yippee, we have peppers! Despite my newly adopted slow-living tendencies, I have secretly been having a bit of a race with Mum to see whose peppers arrive first and I think this makes me the winner (competitive, moi?).
I also had a lovely bushy pot of rocket which I grew (v. quickly to my surprise!) from seed planted earlier this summer, but it is no more as I used it last Friday for dinner with my gorgeous sewing/crafting club buddies. Is it too late to plant more now? I think I’ll give it a go and cross my fingers.
Hubby and I also now have our name down for an allotment (slightly ambitious to leap from window box herb garden to huge 25m2 allotment), which we’ll be sharing with our friend Jo aka world’s best next door neighbour, awesome ceramicist and sewing club buddy. She’s had allotments before and is very green-fingered, so I’m sure our combined efforts will lead to success (I’m thinking prize marrows).