This blog is a journal of my adventures in Fadland.

I have fads, lots of them.

Some last for years (are they still fads?) others last for months, weeks or less; it all depends on how long my passion and energy continue.

When I have a new fad, it is the best, most exciting, absorbing thing in my life. Even worse though is that I feel the urge to tell everyone about how wonderful it is and try to convince them to do it too. I become evangelical about it, yikes!

When it’s fading, the fad and associated equipment are a bit of a bind and I feel a twinge of almost regret, like buyer’s remorse.

I think I have a fad addiction, or maybe that hyperactive condition all the kids have now (to go with their ASBOs).

Mostly, I think my fads are harmless, although I’m not sure my long-suffering OH and family would agree.

Well, at least it keeps me out of trouble, for the most part…


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