Good Enough to Eat

I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of our local library.
I think the whole concept of free book lending is wonderful and inclusive and probably something we all take for granted more than we should. Until the council starts to talk about closures, and then we suddenly notice how much we love our libraries!
So, I’ve been borrowing stacks of crochet and knitting books from my local library and found a gorgeous book perfect even for beginner hookers like me.
It’s called love… Crochet 25 simple projects to crochet by Carol Meldrum, here’s the cover:

I’d already made the crochet hook case project (blogged earlier) and found it really easy to follow. So I stepped up my game with the crochet cupcakes project on page 108:

My idea was to make them and scent them too, so they smell AND look good enough to eat.
It took me a little while to decide on the colours, particularly after I splurged on a new yarn stash at Abakhan last weekend, too much choice can be as difficult as not enough!
It took me a week, mostly crocheting during my lunchbreak at work, with a final push to stitch them together and scent the stuffing on Thursday night during our weekly Craft Club, then I just had to sew on some cute beads yesterday and we are now proudly displaying these handsome fellas on our kitchen shelf:

I used lemon extract for the green swirl cupcake, vanilla for the ‘chocolate’ one and almond extract (yum, marzipan!) for the white cupcake. Gorgeous!
The only problem is that we have to keep them up high on a glass shelf in the kitchen because our greedy spaniel thinks they’re real food and he sooo wants to eat them!
Well, as I’ve mentioned him I may as well end the post with a pic of His Royal Cuteness. World, meet Woodley the sprocker:



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  1. I agree with you. The library is a terrific resource for new and vintage pattern books. I rarely by pattern books anymore; and only occasionally I will purchase a very well written technique/reference book . I use the savings to reinvest in my yarn stash.

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