A New Fad is Born

Oh dear, I’ve resisted this particular fad for a while as I thought, 1. I’ve already got plenty of creative fads in my life, and 2. I’ve honestly never been hugely successful with a needle and thread.
However, while I was mooching around Abakhan last weekend (actually for yarn, but it’s be rude not to browse, right?), I happened to see a shelf bursting with teeny, tiny little mini cross stitch kits. I mean, how could I not when there was one there of a little piggy (I love pigs madly) and it was only £1.28. That’s just crazy cheap for a crafty taster.
Today, having finally put my crochet cupcakes on the shelf (literally) I decided to chill out (not literally as it’s boiling hot here again today) and learn a new fad, er, I mean skill.
Here are a few ‘in progress/can you tell what it is yet’ shots:
First stitches, yikes, easier than I thought!

Second colour added, going well, no major problems so far…

Oh, yeah, I can see a definite pink creature outline there, exciting!

And the finished item, complete with slightly boxy back stitch outline, but adorable nonetheless:

Now, what shall I do with my small but perfectly formed first cross stitch? It’s only about an inch square, I don’t think I have any picture frames that small! Ooh, but that’d be cute wouldn’t it?!
I can definitely see this becoming a fave fad for me, it’s so gentle and relaxing and untaxing, but also really addictive and enjoyable. I love cross stitch!
Now, aren’t I glad I bought a pack of 32 embroidery threads last week!


4 responses

  1. Ah, cross-stitch captures another heart! 🙂 You’ll be amazed what you can make with it, yet it still stays relaxing and pleasant to do.

    You may be able to find tiny frames at a craft shop, or if you enjoy the mini projects, you might do several and put them in a frame meant for a group of family photos, with matting already cut to hold them. That would be really cute, actually.

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