Peppers, Ikea & Changing Rooms

This is going to be a mixed bag of a post; firstly, the exciting news – my peppers are growing to gargantuan proportions:

Ok, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but they are now both the size of a swollen olive. Mmm, olives…
In other news, this little beauty plopped onto my doormat yesterday morning:

Which reminds me, I want to go and buy the entire catalogue this afternoon. Which reminds me, marketers are very, very good at their job. I do not need any household items, I’ve had my own home since I was 19, so have managed to accumulate pretty much all the furniture, equipment, tools and drapery that are required to live in a comfortable and contemporary way. This fact does not, unfortunately, make me immune to the beautiful photography, snappy taglines and general temptation of the Ikea catalogue. Damn you marketing executives…
I will resist though; there are far more enjoyable things I can do with my time than shop.
For example, changing the lounge furniture around while hubby’s at work. Yes, that’ll be a lovely surprise for him, I’m sure he will be thrilled to suddenly bang his shin as he tries to watch TV this evening.
I think the problem is that our two sofas are too big to have any real flexibility in layout, hmmm, perhaps I could saw one in half?
Maybe not, hubby would like that about as much as when he came home to find every carpet in the house on the front garden. I had decided that stripped floorboards was the way to go, but somehow forgot to mention this to hubs in my excitement.
Baaad fadgirl.


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