Not Quite SSS 2011

Hoorah, a sewing post on my (sort of) sewing blog!
While I’ve been sewing for about 18 months now, I haven’t really sewn with a plan, and so my self stitched wardrobe isn’t hugely cohesive.
It is also lacking in many areas and I am pretty sure that I’d struggle to do Self Stitched September 2011, without having to make some kind of concession to the effect that it would include jewellery or accessories, not just clothes. This isn’t really how I want to join my first SS, I tend to think if you’re going to do it, you may as well do it properly.
So, my sewing is going to have to be stepped up a notch so that I can participate in future events like this, but done properly.
In the meantime, while I’m not an official participant, I am going to make an effort to wear and blog my self stitched clothes as much as possible from now on.
So, today I’m wearing a dress that I have barely been out of since I finished it a couple of weeks ago! I am not a dress person; I am a jeans, tshirt, jacket and flats person, but I’m so bored with dressing like an unimaginative web designer/developer (ahem) that I’m breaking entirely out of my comfort zone and I kind of like it!
Here’s the dress:

Yep, it’s good old Burda 11/2010 117A, with a lined navy linen bodice, and gathered unlined tartan skirt. Plus beautiful invisible zip (my first truly invisible zip in fact):

…and lovely, roomy pockets in this great denim coloured cotton, the same lining used for the bodice:

The lining was originally a white cotton double flat sheet, which I died along with a yellow double flat sheet using Dylon Indigo, the all in one stuff that doesn’t need extra rinsing. My first time using fabric dye and I was absolutely chuffed with how it came out; really even and such a great colour too. Bonus 🙂
Anyhoo, that’s today’s outfit. I also made the bracelet; it’s turquoise and tiger eye chips on sterling silver cable with a sterling heart toggle fastener. I wear it to death.
Turquoise and brown are my absolute faves!
Thanks for reading, are you doing SSS? How long have/had you been self stitching until you joined your first self stitched?


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