New Hooks, a Case & a Pig

I thought I’d share a little crochet update with the world and for me to see my crocheted ‘work’ all collected together.
So far I’ve made and kept my little amigurumi panda, but I’ve also made a tiny amigurumi bunny and turtle:


They’re both pretty cute and were given to my cousin’s little girls who, I have been informed, absolutely adore their tiny amigurumi creatures. Yay, success.
I’ve also tried out a bit of flower-making, and crocheted this huge thing; it’s too big to use as a broach, but a little too small for a hat, so it’s sat under one of my button jars like a gorgeous crocheted doily thing:

And during last week’s crafty Thursday with my neighbour, I made my first Granny Square, using the super easy instructions in the Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller (of stitch ‘n’ bitch fame):

Not bad for a first attempt?!
So, I thought I’d try to crochet something, ya know, useful, and so created my lovely and entirely uncoordinated crochet case cover:

And here’s the synthetic felt inner, with my two new BIG crochet hooks; be nice to your new sisters girls, please welcome 8mm and 10mm to the family:

Hmmm, cosy. Of course I don’t have room for more hooks in it, maybe a few tiny, skinny ones, but I’m unlikely to use that size so I should be fine.
Oh, last week I crocheted this gorgeous little amigurumi piggy too, he’s my fave creature so far and probably only took an hour tops:

He’s only 2″ long, awww cute!
So, that’s my crochet progress to date. I’m pretty pleased with it so far and am definitely (apologies in advance) hooked.
What’s got you hooked as we head into autumn this year?


Quick Pepper Update

No doubt you’re literally exploding with the need to know how my peppers are doing?
Yes, I thought so.
Well as you asked so nicely I’ll give you a peek:

Oh, hang on, is it a bit sad that I actually went into the lounge to get my little ruler thingy to use in that photo?
Never mind, it’s not a popularity contest (no, it’s a pepper growing contest!).
So, they’re rather lovely and shiny, a beautiful deep green colour and pleasingly cool and firm to the touch. Crikey, I’ve come over all Nigella. Don’t worry, I’m not flashing ample cleavage or licking my fingers unnecessarily.
Now, the question is, how will I know when they’re big enough or just plain ready to pick and eat? Any ideas from the more green-fingered amongst you?
In further pepper news, my fabby next door neighbour/friend/sewing buddy has just given me another 3 or 4 pepper plants to love and cherish! It’s a whole nursery of green pepper plants on my kitchen window.
They weren’t growing so well in her kitchen so I’ve adopted them and, even though the new fellas have only been here about 4 or 5 days, they’re looking really cheerful and growing well, so I think I am some sort of pepper plant mystical healer, or something.
Also, the sun hits my kitchen window from late morning onwards, so that might be a more logical explanation. Perhaps.
Here are the babies:

Little cuties!
I’ll apologise in advance as I’m probably going to do a big blob of posts as I’ve been away and have lovely pics to share, self stitched skirtember updates and cute crochet things to blog about!

Clear Out

This afternoon I am mostly doing a job I’ve been putting off for aaaages; the big clothing clear out.
I have so many old clothes, inherited clothes, donated clothes, etc. that I really need to make some space and declutter or I will lose it!
I’m working through each bag or pile or wardrobe with 3 sorting bags: bin, keep/upcycle and unwanted.

The contents of the unwanted bag(s) will be car booted (my first ever – I’m so excited and nervous!), along with a load of bags and shoes that I don’t use/wear. Anything that doesn’t sell at the car boot will go to charity. That seems fair, right?
This is a thankless and tedious task, especially when I have my new, half-finished gathered skirt to complete, but I promised myself I would do this today, so here I am.
On a positive note I’m thoroughly loving the Brandon Flowers Crossfire album while I sort clothes. Fun.
And it could be worse, I could be stuck in an office working today! Which is exactly what I’ll be doing tomorrow and Wednesday. Bleh.
How often do you sort clothes and declutter wardrobes? Any car boot tips for a newbie?
…later that day.
OK, it took me until half four (apart from a little break to have a chat with mum who called me mid-sort), and I definitely feel like I kicked some wardrobe-mess ass, yeehar!
I put a big bag into the bin, after poaching useful things like zips and handbag handles, plus I have a bog bag of pure fabric that’ll go into the recycling bin at asda.
I now have 5 bin bags of clothes, bags and shoes, plus a suit carrier full of smart trousers, skirts and jackets all set for car booting.
Oh, and I discovered that I have about 16 sets of pjs. Any need?!