Pepper Passion

I had a short-lived fad a couple of years ago where hubs and I bought seeds and mini greenhouses and all kinds of paraphernalia to get into the green-fingered good life that is Growing your Own, but I was working really long hours, didn’t know what I was doing, planted the wrong things at the wrong time, etc, etc, so while we did get a few tiny spring onions and lots of tomatoes from our investment, we weren’t sufficiently motivated to continue with it.
However, my fads do tend to have something of a cyclical nature I’ve noticed, and now that I’m part-time, I’m able to enjoy slower (better!) living, which, of course, includes growing…
So, my lovely Mum gave me a pepper plant, just a little scrap of a seedling it was, and it is now huge! It really likes the kitchen window ledge, along with the basil, rocket, chives, lavender and morning glory I’m growing there.

I love having that little wall of green in front of the kitchen sink, it’s a little bit of nature and I’m so enjoying watching it all explode into life (some grown from seed).
Imagine my pants-wetting excitement when I spotted two naughty little green nuggets of peppery goodness bulging out from what were, yesterday morning, little white flowers!

Yippee, we have peppers! Despite my newly adopted slow-living tendencies, I have secretly been having a bit of a race with Mum to see whose peppers arrive first and I think this makes me the winner (competitive, moi?).
I also had a lovely bushy pot of rocket which I grew (v. quickly to my surprise!) from seed planted earlier this summer, but it is no more as I used it last Friday for dinner with my gorgeous sewing/crafting club buddies. Is it too late to plant more now? I think I’ll give it a go and cross my fingers.
Hubby and I also now have our name down for an allotment (slightly ambitious to leap from window box herb garden to huge 25m2 allotment), which we’ll be sharing with our friend Jo aka world’s best next door neighbour, awesome ceramicist and sewing club buddy. She’s had allotments before and is very green-fingered, so I’m sure our combined efforts will lead to success (I’m thinking prize marrows).


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