Hotfix Blinging

We’re off to a wedding tomorrow and, as usual, I left ‘the outfit’ decision until the last minute.
I didn’t particularly want to buy something new as I’m unofficially making my own wardrobe now that I can sew, I’m kind of enjoying opting out of being a consumer in this way.
Unfortunately, I didn’t feel hugely inspired to make anything, particularly as I don’t wear ‘dressy’ outfits very often, so I wasn’t keen on investing the time in something I’ll maybe wear twice a year.
Besides, I have plenty of dresses already; I decided on a sweet black and white swirly dress, black linen fitted jacket and funky gold bag to match the gold highlight in the swirl pattern (probably sounds gross but it’s pretty really!).
But the jacket looked a little bit too, well, black, so hubby (genius) suggested ‘a flower broach or something’. Great idea, I have just the thing; a cheap fabric flower broach that came attached to a top I bought aaaages ago. Bit boring though. Hmmm.
Oh, hey, remember the hotfix kit my mum bought me for Xmas, maybe I should break that out?

Love it; a quick, subtle bit of bling to liven up an ok broach. It only took 5 minutes and it was so much fun I offered to bling hubby’s boots, but he declined.
His loss I reckon.
I’ll post the full outfit tomorrow, I’m thinking the broach is going to improve it by about 20%.


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