And another new fad… Following on from the yet-to-be started knitting fad, I’ve discovered Amigurumi and am addicted from day one!

I started off with this little fella from issue 33 of Let’s Get Crafting (Knitting & Crochet Toys), thinking it would have easy beginner patterns (and swayed rather too easily by the free crochet hook and yarn).

My first steps into Amigurumi and crocheting in general resulted in this cute little devil:


I know, pretty good for a first attempt if I do say so myself 🙂

Hubby says it’s the cutesy thing he’s ever seen, which is v. kind of him (extra brownie points for hubs!).

Today I’ve been busy getting ready for our camping trip tomorrow, but have found time to start on a supercute turtle Amigurumi from the Kristies Kids website, which has lots of gorgeous free patterns and tips, what a star! Visit the site here:

Here’s a sneak preview of my progress so far:


Check out my nifty sewing/crafting table; it’s a 6′ pool table covered in MDF cut to size and sprayed with blackboard paint, so I can mark measurements and other notes with chalk while I work. Yay!

Will post the finished Turtle soon (hopefully).

(Later that same day…)


Cute, I love it, this is feeding my Amigurumi fad no end!


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