Short Skirt Great Bag

I was just having a rummage through my seemingly unimpressive fabric stash this evening and found an extremely short denim mini skirt.
I think it’s meant for younger, slimmer, braver thighs than mine.
Still, it’s a shame to see it go to waste…
I thought it would be pretty easy to make a denim mini skirt handbag and I am very pleased to say that it was, almost too easy.
The body of the bag is the denim skirt, but what about a fastener and handle?
I found a rather hideous belt, lime free faux patent leather with a huge bling buckle (what was I thinking when i bought that?), cut the buckle end off and the other end with the buckle holes, that’s going to be the fastener.
Using very rough unmeasured estimates, I sewed the strap and fastener sections onto the front and back middle of the skirt top.
Again, without pinning or measuring, I sewed the two ends of the plain length of the belt onto the inside sides of the skirt top, down as far as the bottom of the pockets, using two rows of zigzag stitch so it’s nice and secure.
Finally, the bit that turns my skirt with a handle into a bag with a handle; I sewed a fancy stitch row in contrasting lime green and hot pink across the bottom hem of the skirt.
And that’s it, one very funky denim bag:
But, it doesn’t seem finished yet, so I’m going to make a lining from an old shirt (White cotton with lime green spots) and add the White buttons from the shirt to the front of the bag for a bit of sparkle.

Skirt part 2
So I decided to add some fancy bits to my bag and a lining too. For the flowers I used bits of an old fleece blanket from ikea, with buttons from an old shirt. For the lining I used an old White cotton shirt with green polka dots; I sewed the arms closed, cut the neck out and sewed across it then sewed up the front, to make an amazingly accurately sized liner for my bag!
I used another scrap of the shirt to make a pocket inside the lining, then sewed to lining to inside waistband of the skirt/bag.
I’m so excited with the finished bag, it just came together with no effort, a real fluke!