Things I know now

1. It’s not all Sewing

Sewing, as a hobby, involves a lot of planning, cutting, pinning and ironing. I would say that I spent more time doing these things for my Gingham Bunting than actual sewing.

2. Where’s my stash?

As a (new) sewing enthusiast I am expected to have a stash of material, ribbons and other sundries just lying around somewhere waiting to be used in projects. I don’t, so I feel slightly lacking and also annoyed that no-one thought to tell me about the importance of accumulating my stash at an earlier age. Shouldn’t this information be freely available?

3. Material and habberdashery shops are intimidating.

I am unsure of the rules; is there a minimum amount of material I am supposed to buy, for example? Why is it so quiet, I mean seriously quiet, like a library, I’m afraid to breathe in case I disturb the reverential silence in there. Would they escort me from the premises or just shush me if I coughed or hummed by mistake?

4. The foot pedal is my friend.

When I started practicing I thought it was easier to use the buttons on the machine to sew; they’re close at hand and easy to control, but they’re really only good for doing tiny projects where you don’t actually need your hands free to manhandle pieces of material and ribbon. Using the foot pedal is like having super powers, or at least an extra pair of hands.

5. ’til death us do part?

After a month of sewing I can see this is just the beginning; this isn’t something I’m going to master overnight – it’s a hobby for life.

As I am a self-confessed fadgirl I wonder whether it will be a hobby for life for me, or another flash in the pan?


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