The Arrival and a week of tantrums

Yes, at the age of 33 I am probably too old for tantrums, but how hard is it to post a sewing machine for Pete’s sake?

One whole agonizing week after my birthday my newest most sewingest fad arrived and it is, indeed, a thing of great beauty and mysterious accessories, mmm.

After looking in awe and wonder at the tiny bobbins and feet and twin(!) needle swaddled in a delicate origami package, several times, I put them all back away in the box and had a small moment of panic. Gulp. Ok, I have a sewing machine, what on earth do I do with it and what is a bobbin?

I may be clueless when it comes to sewing machine accessories, but I’m very good at reading, so I decide to familiarise myself with the accompanying manual. Now we’re talking, it all makes sense (a bit) thanks to the numbered illustrations, hoorah!

The manual is, henceforth, my bible and it says, “go unto the lounge and sew some fancy, automatically generated embroidery stitches on an old pillow case”, so I do and it is good.

Here’s my beauty; the Brother CS-8080:


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