Project One: Gingham Bunting

After several wonderful weeks together, my sewing machine and I have bonded. I don’t mean literally, of course, my fingers have escaped the high speed needle so far. With my pillow case scraps and some dodgy pink culottes I cut up (not before time), I have mastered buttonholing and embroidery stitches, zig zags and straight stitch, putting buttons on, ripping seams open, the invisible hem (wizardry I tell you) and also loading bobbins and suchlike, I’m even using the lingo, get me!

I decided a full on project was called for, so offered to make bunting for my new baby niece’s bedroom, to which my sister reluctantly agreed. I think she only did this because she assumed I would tire of my latest fad before completing the bunting. Ha! She was wrong…

Ingredients for Gingham Bunting:

  • 12m 35mm yellow satin ribbon
  • 1/2m each of yellow, lilac and pink gingham
  • Cheap thread, no idea of the technical terminology, but I used white, yellow, lilac and pink.
  • 1 pack each of pink and lilac flowers/butterflies


  • Butterfly and flower stickies from dunelm mill (top tip for sooo many lovely crafty bits and bobs)
  • Material and ribbon from Calico Lane

The Method

  1. Fold and cut gingham into lots of roughly equilateral triangles
  2. Straight stitch two sides of triangles together, no need to do the top or reverse stitches
  3. Turn triangle pockets right way out and iron
  4. Fold ribbon in half and iron along the whole 12m (yawn)
  5. Insert alternate pink, yellow and lilac triangles into the folded ribbon and secure along thd entire length with a funky zigzag stitch so the little buggers can’t drop out
  6. I left a good inch and a half between each triangle in case my sister wanted to cut it into shorter pieces
  7. Then I cheated and used self adhesive butterfly/flower things without stitching them on, does that make me a bad person?

The whole thing probably took about five hours in total and looks fab! I am really proud of myself; there’s nothing like teaching yourself a new skill and producing something pretty or useful just for the fun of it!

I’ll add pictures of the bunting in situ once my sister has adorned the nursery with the gingham loveliness… See last picture below for gingham bunting in my niece’s nursery – ooh it’s perfect!


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