Crafty Fad and the perils of Ideal World

Over the years I’ve been tricked and tempted into buying a fair few bits of tat from TV shopping channels, as has the OH.
In fact, I think he is more susceptible to their silky sales pitches than I am.
In January we were watching Ideal World and they showcased a beautiful, shiny, space-age sewing machine.
I cannot thread a needle, I mean, literally, despite my family (mum, grandma, aunties) all being total whizzes on a Singer, it’s not a skill I’ve ever mastered or even attempted.
This is not important, the lovely Ellis tells me, because the Brother CS8080 threads the needle for you automatically. And it has four automatic buttonhole stitches. And a 15 year warranty with free annual servicing; the value of that alone, surely, is enough to justify this purchase?
Yes, we chime in unison to the lovely Ellis, yes, how could we not buy this item?
So I instructed the long suffering OH that, for my birthday in February, I simply had to have a sewing machine; preferably the Brother CS8080, with the convenience of easy payments from Ideal World there was just no excuse to not get it?
OK, we’re suckers, but this is a beautiful machine, and with all these features I’ll be running up stylish curtains and fabulous outfits in no time, right?


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